In re Yahoo! Inc. Securities Litigation
Yahoo Securities Litigation
Case No. 5:17-cv-00373



  1. You are urged to read carefully the Notice of Proposed Class-Action Settlement (the "Notice") and the Stipulation and Agreement of Settlement ("Stipulation"). Both documents are available at All capitalized terms used herein shall have the same meaning as defined in the Notice and the Stipulation.
  2. To file a claim and recover under the Settlement of this Action, you must have purchased or otherwise acquired Yahoo! Inc. securities between April 30, 2013 and December 14, 2016, both dates inclusive. You must not be a person who is excluded from the Settlement Class, as defined in the Notice. You also must not have requested exclusion from the Settlement Class.
  3. If you are a Settlement Class Member and wish to participate in the proposed Settlement, you must complete and submit this online claim form. The submission of a Proof of Claim does not ensure that your claim will be upheld or that you will share in any recovery. All claims are subject to verification and investigation. If you fail to file a properly addressed and fully completed Proof of Claim, fail to provide required documentation, or are not eligible to recover under the Settlement, your claim may be rejected and you may be precluded from any recovery from the proposed Settlement. You may also be requested to provide further information.
  4. You must submit your online Proof of Claim no later than September 1, 2018.
  5. If you are a member of the Settlement Class and do not timely request exclusion, you will be bound by any judgment entered in the Action whether or not you submit a Proof of Claim.
  6. If you are not a member of the Settlement Class, do not submit a Proof of Claim. For help completing this online Proof of Claim, please contact the Settlement Administrator.


  1. If you purchased Yahoo! Inc. securities and registered the certificate in your name, you are the beneficial owner as well as the owner of record. If, however, you purchased Yahoo! Inc. securities and the certificate was registered in the name of a third party (such as your stock broker), you are the beneficial owner and the third party is the owner of record. Proceeds of this Settlement will be distributed to Settlement Class members who are beneficial owners of Yahoo! Inc. securities.
  2. Use Section D of this form, entitled "Claimant Identification Schedule," to identify yourself and each owner of record, if different from the beneficial owner of Yahoo! Inc. common stock, call options and/or put options that forms the basis of this claim. This claim must be filed by the actual beneficial owner(s), or the legal representative of such owner(s), of the stock upon which this claim is based.
  3. If Yahoo! Inc. securities were owned jointly, all joint owners names must be entered. Executors, administrators, guardians, conservators, and trustees may complete and submit the Proof of Claim on behalf of persons or entities represented by them, but they must identify such persons or entities and provide proof of their authority (e.g., powers of attorney or currently effective letters testamentary or letters of administration). The Social Security (or taxpayer identification) number and telephone number of the beneficial owner may be used in verifying the Claim. If you fail to provide the foregoing information, your claim may be delayed or rejected.
  4. You must submit a separate Proof of Claim for each differently named account or ownership, such as an individual account, an IRA account, a joint account, or a custodial account, etc. Joint tenants, co-owners, or custodians UGMA should file a single claim.


  1. Use Sections E, F, and G of this form to supply all of the requested information with respect to all of your transactions-purchases, other acquisitions, sales, and other dispositions-in Yahoo! Inc. common stock, call options, and put options that took place at any time between April 30, 2013 through and including December 14, 2016, whether such transactions resulted in a profit or a loss. The failure to report all such transactions or to provide all requested information with respect to each transaction may result in the rejection of your claim.
  2. List each transaction separately and in chronological order by trade date, beginning with the earliest. You must accurately provide the month, day, and year of each transaction, as well as the purchase and/or sales price, excluding commissions, taxes, and other fees. The date of a transaction is the "trade" date and not the "settlement" date. The date of covering a "short sale" is deemed to be the date of purchase; and the date of a "share sale" is deemed to be the date of sale. Shares originally sold short will have a Recognized Loss of zero. Yahoo! Inc. common stock acquired or disposed of for any consideration other than, or in addition to, cash must be reported as having been acquired or disposed of.
  3. You must upload to your claim form brokerage confirmations, monthly statements, or other documentation of your transactions in Yahoo! Inc. common stock, Yahoo Call Options and/or Yahoo Put Options in order for your claim to be valid. Failure to provide this documentation could delay verification or result in rejection of your Claim. The Settlement Administrator may also request additional information as required to efficiently and reliably calculate your losses.
  4. If your trading activity between April 30, 2013 and December 14, 2016 exceeds 50 transactions, you must provide all information required in the Schedule of Transactions in an electronic file. For instructions and parameters concerning such a submission, please visit or call the Settlement Administrator at (833) 380-5570 or email
  5. If you have questions or need additional Proofs of Claim, contact the Settlement Administrator via the information in preceding paragraphs.
  6. Please refer to the Plan of Allocation set forth in the Notice for a detailed explanation of how a Claimant's Recognized Loss will be calculated.

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